Top 5 Student Jobs in The Netherlands

In most cases, moving abroad for studies also means to start providing for yourself, at least partly. For this reason, and to be eligible for a student loan, many international students want to find a job. If you do not speak the local language and do not know the city very well, you might be confused and lost on how to find a job suitable for you.

If you want to find out more about your possibilities as an international student, keep reading about the 5 top jobs for students in the Netherlands:

1. Delivery

Nowadays it has become more and more common to just order your food to be delivered at home. Every restaurant now offers that option or relies on companies like Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats, or Deliveroo. Here’s why delivering would be a good side job for you:

  • There is always a need for people
  • The schedule is extremely flexible and adaptable to your studies
  • Most riders deliver by bike, which will give you a great daily workout-
  • It is a profitable way to get to know every corner of the city
  • The interaction with the customer is minimal, so Dutch knowledge is not necessary.
work as an international student in rotterdam

2. Waiter

If you enjoy interacting with people and you are a positive person, you could instead choose to work as a waiter. You are probably now thinking “How can I be a waiter if I do not even speak the language? True, speaking Dutch is a good advantage, but remember that everyone knows English as well, and many restaurants are foreign. All you need to do is to politely ask people to interact with you in English, and in the meantime, you will learn a few words in Dutch in no time!

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3. Kitchen

if you do not like riding your bike outside, nor interacting with customers, you can always apply for a position in the kitchen. Many restaurants, especially fast foods like Domino’s, Mc Donald’s, or Taco Bell always need personnel to prepare the food, and experience is not required. It is usually a good job to work with people your age and stay inside.

4. Shopping assistant

Another job ide for international students is working in stores. It could either be in a supermarket like Albert Heijn, or Jumbo, or a clothing store, in case you were passionate about shopping! This job is very flexible, both for the shifts schedule, and your position. Your interaction with customers may vary.

5. School

It is also possible to find sporadic jobs through school. Universities usually need students to take care of events, introductions, or tutoring. This could be a good idea if you do not want to work many hours per week but make some extra money every now and then.



Working and studying simultaneously is hard, and requires some organizational skills, but it is possible. If you put some effort into it, you will easily be able to find a job that suits your schedule and allows you to enjoy your study career and social life, while making some money to support yourself and your independence.

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