Benefits of working as an international student in the netherlands.

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At first, you might think. “ I am abroad why would I do a student job?” when I can also enjoy my free time abroad in the Netherlands. But working as an international student brings many benefits. The Netherlands is very much integrated with the different cultures. And this is positively expanding. The student jobs come in many different varieties. to see what jobs, you can do see our last blog ‘student jobs in Breda’ the benefits you can get as an international student we be listed and talked about down below.

1. Get your duo grant

The most important tool for living in the Netherlands as an international student in finance. Living in the Netherlands comes at a price. Therefore, working is a good solution to finance your study and to cover the living expenses in the Netherlands as an international student. However, what any international students miss out on is when an international student from an EU country can get up to €417,- from the Dutch government when they work for 56 hours or more. The good thing is you don’t have to repay it, as it is a gift when you graduate at the end of your university period. Also, see here our information about DUO.

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2. Network and Socials

You might be here for a few months now and made some friends. Most of the international students hang around with other international students because they might live in the same building, or go to the university together. But many of those international students don’t get to know a lot more people because of that. Working brings the best out of you. at the company you might be going to work at has a big pool of co-workers who are just like you, people that want to expand their network and also to have some fun with each other, in hospitality, this is usually done with some after-work drinks. Curious about hospitality jobs?

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3. Experience

Nowadays experience is key. A person with experience shows character. It shows a person that he or she is not scared to get the work done. For international students in the Netherlands learning the Dutch culture is very interesting as you spend several months or years in the Netherlands. A student’s job differs from company to company. Therefore, it’s good to expand your current knowledge and experience. We have seen many international students change from being a student with little work experience to a specialist in their work field.


I can imagine you still have some questions regarding working in the Netherlands as an international student or you just want to work straight away! For questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp. If you are curious about what vacancies we have open for you to apply for you see our work vacancies! Vacancies that are filled by others will go offline, therefore don’t hessite to contact us or apply for a job

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  1. Hi, I am Mahak. I have done my masters from France in Supply Chain. Now, I am starting my end of the study internship at Amsterdam.
    Do I eligible for Dutch government grant if 417€?

    And if yes, how can I apply for it?

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