Top 5 Student Jobs in The Netherlands

In most cases, moving abroad for studies also means to start providing for yourself, at least partly. For this reason, and to be eligible for a student loan, many international students want to find a job. If you do not speak the local language and do not know the city very well, you might be confused and lost on how to find a job suitable for you.

If you want to find out more about your possibilities as an international student, keep reading about the 5 top jobs for students in the Netherlands:

1. Delivery

Nowadays it has become more and more common to just order your food to be delivered at home. Every restaurant now offers that option or relies on companies like Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats, or Deliveroo. Here’s why delivering would be a good side job for you:

  • There is always a need for people
  • The schedule is extremely flexible and adaptable to your studies
  • Most riders deliver by bike, which will give you a great daily workout-
  • It is a profitable way to get to know every corner of the city
  • The interaction with the customer is minimal, so Dutch knowledge is not necessary.
work as an international student in rotterdam

2. Waiter

If you enjoy interacting with people and you are a positive person, you could instead choose to work as a waiter. You are probably now thinking “How can I be a waiter if I do not even speak the language? True, speaking Dutch is a good advantage, but remember that everyone knows English as well, and many restaurants are foreign. All you need to do is to politely ask people to interact with you in English, and in the meantime, you will learn a few words in Dutch in no time!

part time student job international student

3. Kitchen

if you do not like riding your bike outside, nor interacting with customers, you can always apply for a position in the kitchen. Many restaurants, especially fast foods like Domino’s, Mc Donald’s, or Taco Bell always need personnel to prepare the food, and experience is not required. It is usually a good job to work with people your age and stay inside.

4. Shopping assistant

Another job ide for international students is working in stores. It could either be in a supermarket like Albert Heijn, or Jumbo, or a clothing store, in case you were passionate about shopping! This job is very flexible, both for the shifts schedule, and your position. Your interaction with customers may vary.

5. School

It is also possible to find sporadic jobs through school. Universities usually need students to take care of events, introductions, or tutoring. This could be a good idea if you do not want to work many hours per week but make some extra money every now and then.



Working and studying simultaneously is hard, and requires some organizational skills, but it is possible. If you put some effort into it, you will easily be able to find a job that suits your schedule and allows you to enjoy your study career and social life, while making some money to support yourself and your independence.

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5 tips how to get the best student job in the netherlands

Many students look for a job in the hospitality industry, often they find a nice job through their own social channels. Today’s students also like to look for a job that fits in with their studies. The great advantage of this is that you gain practical experience while you are still studying. And let’s face it, in today’s job market it is nice to have all the extra experience you need on your CV. That’s why we give you some tips on how to find the perfect part-time job.

Tip 1: Use your network

It is not what you know but who you know. The people in your own network can often help you find a job, look around you, what do your friends and classmates do? There are plenty of great job opportunities in the Netherlands, you just might not have found them yet.

work as an international student in rotterdam

Tip 2: Start your own business

It is becoming increasingly popular to start your own business. You may have thought about it before, but you don’t know how to start. Look around you and think to yourself, what problem could I solve with a business in my area? We also started goingabroad.nl, we saw that a large number of international students could use help in finding work and housing. We found a way to make it easier for international students and that’s how goingabroad.nl was born.

part time student job international student

Tip 3: Send an open application to a company that interests you.

Do you have a company in mind that you would like to work for? Take a chance and send an open application! This may be uncomfortable, but with an interesting CV and motivation letter, you may be able to do something for the company. In this way, you show that you like to work proactively and are not afraid to go against the flow. In an open application, it is important that you know how to sell yourself and that you know how to convince the reader that you are in possession of valuable qualities and skills.

4. Use LinkedIn.

Are you a student and don’t have a LinkedIn yet? Then start doing so! LinkedIn is your virtual network and when you have a well-developed profile, it offers a lot of chances and possibilities. Moreover, it is an investment for later when you must do an internship or are looking for a full-time job. Creating a LinkedIn profile is free, and your student days are a great opportunity to add everyone you meet to it. It will be very useful in the future, so you can’t start early enough.

5. Check the vacancies on our website to find great part-time jobs.

We have selected our part-time jobs carefully. All the vacancies listed online are suitable for international students currently residing in the Netherlands. These part-time jobs will not only expand your social network but also your professional network. Working while studying in the Netherlands is a real addition to your time in the country.


We have given you some alternative options for finding a part-time job. You can be proactive by actively using your own offline and online network or by sending a message to companies that attract you. The easiest way is to find a job that is especially attractive to people in your situation, check out our vacancies.

What is your ideal student job?

the big 7 living expenses in the netherlands

The Big 7 Living Expenses In The Netherlands

1. Rent

To live in the Netherlands, I think it’s common that you want a roof over your head. Therefore, renting a room/studio is going to be your highest expense. Not only do you need to rent your house but, Sometimes, it can happen that you will not have a furnished room. In that case, you will also need to buy stuff for your place. Things that are most commonly bought are: a bed, desk, pans, plates, etc. these are usually bought at IKEA

work as an international student in rotterdam

2. Groceries

Next to renting a place, you also need to eat. On average in the Netherlands students spend around €200 a month on groceries. The most famous supermarkets are Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, and Aldi. These can be found all over the Netherlands. So, you don’t have to worry what you cant find one. What would be very useful for students is to use the application allefolder.nl This is an application that provides all the discounts there are in a particular week.

part time student job international student

3. Social Life

As Students, we know that social life is very important, especially now after what we have been through and still dealing with. Luckily, the situation is getting better, and more activities are starting again. More information can be found on covid-19 and restrictions. Social life comes at a price as well. Going for drinks and parties on average a student’s expenses are between €60 – €100 a month.

4. University 

Studying in the Netherlands as an EU citizen is fairly cheap compared to the United States. School tuition fees are between €800 – €2.200 a year. In the Netherlands, we have an option to pay it in terms, if you cannot pay it in full. This gives students some air to breathe. Next to the Tuition fees, you will need to buy books and study materials, this differentiates between schools. These prices are around €300 – €500 a year. Usually, the first year is the most expensive, in terms of books and study materials, because some books you will need in the future again. Read this blog on how to finance your study in The Netherlands.

5. Traveling

You as internationals, Love to travel and explore the world. Traveling in the Netherlands is pretty expensive, as an average trip of 30 min costs around €10. For example, you live 1 hour away from school. Imagine the price you will have to pay just for going to school and not even exploring the country you came to study. However, The Netherlands provides a student travel card, to keep the costs as low as possible for their students. Please find here all the benefits of the OV chipcard here.

6. Clothing 

After you have arrived in the Netherlands you brought some clothes with you from your home country. But everyone wants to wear new clothes when needed. Due to season change or the clothes are just dirty and need to be thrown in the bin. In the Netherlands, there will be your favorite brand to buy your clothes from, Either from the website or the physical store.

7. Sport

As an adventurous student, you might want to work out, do a team sport, or do wall climbing. Getting a fitness subscription is pretty cheap. It costs around €20 to go to Fit For Free or Basicfit. Prices differ between gyms, the main reason for this is because some gyms have a swimming pool or a SPA, you can imagine that these kinds of gyms are more expensive than others. There is a Gym in Breda which is called ‘BRESS’ this is a gym for only €8,33 a month or €100 a year. BRESS is powered by Avans and BUAS.


As you already thought, it’s not cheap to get around abroad. After reading this you have more knowledge about the way money will be spent, as a student, in the Netherlands. We strongly advise you to work next to your study, this will help you build more connections with others and you can also do nice things next to it. If you don’t know what to do for work you can check out one of our blogs about Work, Or directly look at our Vacancy page to find the best suitable job.

What are expenses you have that are not in the big 7? Let it know in the comments.

Top 4 benefits of using a student travel card in the netherlands

Top 4 benefits of using a student travel card

The OV card is the main transportation card there is. It will take you from A to Z for a pretty high price, unfortunately, especially when you are a student. who is unfamiliar with this country, you don’t want to pay such a price while you don’t even know what you can do with it… However, when you use the OV card correctly, you get many benefits from it. We will discuss these benefits down below. We all share the same opinion. We want to travel as cheap as possible it doesn’t matter if it’s for school purposes or travel the day for some sightseeing. Now, what are these 4 Benefits? We will discuss them one by one.



student jobs in rotterdam

1. Student OV Week – travel to your university and friends for free!

You as an International student can choose which give of OV-chipcard you want, In the Netherlands, we have the luxury to choose as a student. Therefore, students can choose between having a Week or weekend Student OV. With the student OV package, you can travel for free from Monday 04:00 till Saturday 04:00. Not only can you travel for free during the week, but during the weekend students have 40% off to travel to do sightseeing.

work as an international student in rotterdam

2. Student OV Weekend – Sightseeing during the weekend?

The student OV weekend is almost the same as Student OV Week. However, this package provides you to travel for free during the weekends and whenever you want to travel during the week you will get 40% off. When a student always travels to the university by bike or just walking, I would advise getting the Weekend OV package as you have time to see the Netherlands and travel for free. When you get the feeling the subscription you choose is not the right one for you, don’t worry! You can switch later on.

part time student job international student

3. Take 3 other people with you with a 40% discount.

What is even better than traveling for free, traveling with friends! With student-OV, you can take up to 3 people to travel with you with 40% off. The ones who are traveling together with you with 40% must select this at an NS machine at the stations. After they have done that they get 40% off.

Important information: when can I use the 40%

You can let people travel with you with 40% from Monday until Friday before 06:30h, between 09:00h-16:00h, and after 18:30h. Good to know, whenever you want to do fun things on the weekend you can give the others 40% for the whole day!

4. OV Bike

What is more Dutch than biking? Nothinggg. Therefore, NS provides bikes to rent to people who need it to get to work, university, friends, sightseeing. We Provide you how to get this Bike to be on time for your next plans.


4 steps towards your ov-bike

1. online OV-bike subscription

2. go to an OV-Bike location and rent a bike with your OV-Chipcard

3. Return the bike to the location where you got it from.

4. In the NS app, which is called Mijn NS, you can easily find all your trips and the costs.


Important information: What do you actually pay for such a bike?

To rent a bike for 24h you only need to pay €3,95!


After reading this blog, you got to know the most important benefits you as a student can get, during the week. but also for the weekends. I can imagine you want to start getting all these benefits. because most of them are for FREE. But how to exactly arrange this? Please find it in our OV-chipcard. To stay updated on more relevant information, sign up for our newsletter, which will be sent out every Monday morning!

What are the best places to travel to with your student OV?

How to finance your study in The Netherlands

How to finance your study in The Netherlands

You want to study in The Netherlands, but how are you going to finance your stay abroad? If you do not have the costs covered there are multiple ways to still be able to finance your stay in The Netherlands.

Studying in The Netherlands is not very expensive compared to other western European countries, the tuition fee, if you have a European passport is between 1050 – 2400 euros per year. If you are an international without a European nationality the fees lay between 6000 and 15000 euros per year.

1. Student Finance

The Dutch government has a fund set up for everyone studying in The Netherlands. If you want to be eligible for this fund you must make sure you have the same rights as a Dutch national. You will have to meet a few requirements before receiving any money, read more about student finance and how we can help you set it up here.

work as an international student in rotterdam

2. Exchange program

The most affordable way for students that want to study in The Netherlands is often through an exchange program. You can check through your study in your home country if they offer exchange programs in The Netherlands. With an exchange, your home country (when in the EU) will often have financial support for you. This can be in the form of a loan a grant or tax benefits for your parents.

part time student job international student

3. Scholarship

How nice would it be if you did not have to pay your university, but they would like to have you onboard, therefore in some cases, universities and applied universities give out scholarships. Scholarships are often in a reward program; people usually have outstanding performances and are very dedicated to their study program. When awarded a scholarship, universities will require certain grades from their students to continue their scholarship program. Many countries also award scholarships based on their sports performance, this is not the case in The Netherlands, college and university sports are not a thing in The Netherlands.

4. Work

This might not come as a big surprise but working might not only be a way to pay for your studies but also further develop yourself in the work field, expand your social life and experience a countries culture from a different perspective. Working is a nice way to fully finance your life in The Netherlands or give you a nice extra income. The average student in The Netherlands works around 13 hours per week. The older they get the more they start working and the average moves to around 23 hours. A student in The Netherlands of the age of 19 makes around 3.200 euros a year. Students of the age of 24 years old make around 6.500 euros a year. Would you like to start working in The Netherlands, our team has vacancies selected for international students, you do not even have to speak Dutch, English is sufficient. Our vacancies are very easy to apply for and certified by us. We are in good contact with all of them. Where are you waiting for? Start working.


The most common way of financing your study in The Netherlands is through student finance, you can either get a grant and a loan on top of that. This option becomes available as soon as you have the same right as a Dutch national. An exchange through your study in your home country might be the easiest and cheapest. A scholarship is for those who can perform beyond average. Working can be the way to finance your study or make a nice extra, our team would recommend working alongside your study.

What is the most common way of financing a study in your home country? Let us know down in the comments.

9 reasons to study abroad (in the netherlands)

Today’s generation has the world at hand.

Traveling has become fast and easy, and we have the chance to experience different realities from early in our life. So many opportunities are given to us, but sometimes we struggle to take advantage of them. However, once you follow your instinct and get over the fear, you will find out how lucky we are to have the chance to experience a whole new life in another country. One reason to start discovering the world is by studying abroad.

Here are some reasons why you should follow your instinct and go study abroad, especially in the Netherlands.

1. Discover a new country.

How many times have you traveled to a new country for a short vacation, maybe a week or two? You probably have seen all the main landmarks and eaten at the most famous restaurant, but can you really say you know the place? Moving abroad gives you the chance to know a place on a whole other level. You will live daily life in that foreign town, relating with its inhabitants and society. It might be hard to get used to at first, but after a while, it will feel like your second home.

2. New culture.

 You will not only become familiar with the place, but also with the local culture and traditions. Living in another culture has an enormous impact on your way of thinking and seeing the world. You will learn to see little things from a different point of view, and you will become more critical and conscious of the world around you. Regarding this aspect, the Netherlands is one of the best places to move to discover new cultures, as it is a highly international-oriented country.  

3. Different learning methods.

 Whether you move to a close country or on the opposite side of the planet, you will probably encounter a new teaching method. Sometimes that might appear confusing, but with time you will see how your approach to studying will become more effective. Only by trying new ways of approaching knowledge, you will find your method and what better way to think outside of the box if not immersed into a whole new society! The Netherlands specifically offers you many innovative and high-quality courses, that allow you to put your knowledge into practice and encourages working in groups.

4. Affordable studies.

Studying abroad can be very expensive, especially if you want to study in English. Luckily universities in the Netherlands are mostly public, which means that the average annual tuition is much cheaper than native English-speaking countries! Moreover, students can apply to government grants and loans, that are given to support them during these years.

5. Meet new people.

Deciding to leave your home to go somewhere completely new will probably make you feel lonely sometimes. But remember, a new place means new people that you will get to meet, especially many more international students who study in the Netherlands. You will be able to expand your network and meet people that might accompany you for the rest of your life.

6. New language.

Being immersed into a new society 24/7 will inevitably get you familiar with the sound of a new language, and with a little bit of effort, you will be able to understand it and maybe become fluent within a matter of time. In the meantime, you do not need to worry about your move to the Netherlands, as 95% of the population speaks English, and most universities offer studies in English.

7. Get out of your comfort zone.

As a teenager and young adult, studying abroad will incredibly impact your growing and maturity process. You will find yourself making a life-changing choice by yourself, far away from your family, friend, and everything you have ever known. Consequently, you will experience a variety of different feelings: fear, excitement, solitude, insecurity. By overcoming these feelings you will get to know the real you and discover your potential and capabilities. The independence that this process will give you is incomparable to one of your peers.

8. Professional opportunities.

Besides your emotional and personal growth, an experience of studying abroad will open you up to many professional opportunities and put you a step ahead to follow your ambitions and create a successful career.

9.  Travel more.

That’s right, by enrolling in a Dutch university, not only do you get to live abroad, but you also get the chance to travel to other countries for internships and Erasmus, which are part of the educational program of many universities.


Moving abroad, whether it is for studying, working for other personal reasons will always be an enriching experience that will make you grow.

So, if you are deciding what path to take for your study career, remember the 9 reasons why you should consider studying in the Netherlands and let us help you with it!

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