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Goingabroad.nl is a platform for international students started in 2021, collaborating with partners around the Netherlands.

The key idea behind our platform comes from our own experiences, as we all travelled to study or work abroad. We tried to connect to our readers and worked through the feeling of moving abroad.

After you get past the initial excitement, you find yourself in an unknown city, having to stick to new rules and all the local formalities that are not easy to follow, especially if you don’t know the language. Then you probably need to find accommodation, find a job, and you want to meet new people, find support, but you don’t know how and where.  

As students, we relate to this feeling, and that is why we want to make our fellow students feel welcome and be the older friend who helps them through it.

Our core value is to promote and stimulate young adults to travel and make experiences abroad, as we believe it to be very helpful for personal and professional growth.

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Gunnar van de Weem


Studying International Business myself we saw there were a lot of international students struggling with settling down in The Netherlands. My goal with Going Abroad is to give international students the best achievable experience in The Netherlands.

Joey de Koning


Challenge and go-getter are 2 words that suit my personality best. Helping others solving their problems gives me a good and accomplished feeling. This way we can be a stepping stone for their future.

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