Top 4 benefits of using a student travel card in the netherlands

Top 4 benefits of using a student travel card

The OV card is the main transportation card there is. It will take you from A to Z for a pretty high price, unfortunately, especially when you are a student. who is unfamiliar with this country, you don’t want to pay such a price while you don’t even know what you can do with it… However, when you use the OV card correctly, you get many benefits from it. We will discuss these benefits down below. We all share the same opinion. We want to travel as cheap as possible it doesn’t matter if it’s for school purposes or travel the day for some sightseeing. Now, what are these 4 Benefits? We will discuss them one by one.



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1. Student OV Week – travel to your university and friends for free!

You as an International student can choose which give of OV-chipcard you want, In the Netherlands, we have the luxury to choose as a student. Therefore, students can choose between having a Week or weekend Student OV. With the student OV package, you can travel for free from Monday 04:00 till Saturday 04:00. Not only can you travel for free during the week, but during the weekend students have 40% off to travel to do sightseeing.

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2. Student OV Weekend – Sightseeing during the weekend?

The student OV weekend is almost the same as Student OV Week. However, this package provides you to travel for free during the weekends and whenever you want to travel during the week you will get 40% off. When a student always travels to the university by bike or just walking, I would advise getting the Weekend OV package as you have time to see the Netherlands and travel for free. When you get the feeling the subscription you choose is not the right one for you, don’t worry! You can switch later on.

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3. Take 3 other people with you with a 40% discount.

What is even better than traveling for free, traveling with friends! With student-OV, you can take up to 3 people to travel with you with 40% off. The ones who are traveling together with you with 40% must select this at an NS machine at the stations. After they have done that they get 40% off.

Important information: when can I use the 40%

You can let people travel with you with 40% from Monday until Friday before 06:30h, between 09:00h-16:00h, and after 18:30h. Good to know, whenever you want to do fun things on the weekend you can give the others 40% for the whole day!

4. OV Bike

What is more Dutch than biking? Nothinggg. Therefore, NS provides bikes to rent to people who need it to get to work, university, friends, sightseeing. We Provide you how to get this Bike to be on time for your next plans.


4 steps towards your ov-bike

1. online OV-bike subscription

2. go to an OV-Bike location and rent a bike with your OV-Chipcard

3. Return the bike to the location where you got it from.

4. In the NS app, which is called Mijn NS, you can easily find all your trips and the costs.


Important information: What do you actually pay for such a bike?

To rent a bike for 24h you only need to pay €3,95!


After reading this blog, you got to know the most important benefits you as a student can get, during the week. but also for the weekends. I can imagine you want to start getting all these benefits. because most of them are for FREE. But how to exactly arrange this? Please find it in our OV-chipcard. To stay updated on more relevant information, sign up for our newsletter, which will be sent out every Monday morning!

What are the best places to travel to with your student OV?

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