You started or are about to start at PostNL. There might be some questions you have regarding the job. Who to contact when, and other questions. You can find the answers to most of your questions here. If there are still any questions unanswered please contact support@goingabroad.nl or call +31 85 060 1878

Job related

I have been hired by PostNL or am already working at PostNL and have a question. Where should I go?

If you work at PostNL, you can reach out to your supervisor, on MyPostNL (for post deliverers). For most questions you can contact your teamleader. For questions regarding the planning contact your planner.

How long is my probationary period?

The probation period at PostNL is 1 month.

Do I have to work during vacations and on public holidays?

As a mail deliverer, you are entitled to 5 weeks of vacation per calendar year. You can request days off from your supervisor. If they give permission, you get time off. You do not automatically get time off during school holidays. If you are a mail deliverer, you never have to work on Sundays and public holidays. Then no mail is delivered.

What does the training program look like?

During the first few days, you will be accompanied by an experienced colleague. They will tell you exactly how everything works. In your first weeks of work, you will have regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss your work.

Will I receive a uniform?

For the position of mail deliverer, a clothing package will be provided so that you are recognizable on the street. This package initially includes a PostNL vest and a rain suit. After three months, you will receive a full clothing package. The PostNL clothing is intended for visibility.

Why do I need a smartphone as a mail deliverer?

As a mail deliverer, you use a smartphone during your activities. More information about working with a smartphone can be found here.

Administration & Payments

How Do I Submit my Worked hours?

You will submit your hours in the PostNL mijnwerk app. This is for the registration at PostNL. Because you are legally employed by us you will also register your hours through goingabroad.flexportal.eu (e-uur)


You received the login details for e-uur together with explanation when you start. The document on how e-uur registration works can be found here.


When Do I Get Paid?

If you registered your hours before Monday 23:59 you will receive payment on Wednesday. If you register your hours later you will receive payment on Friday.

Holiday Payment and Holiday Reservations.

Vacation Pay (8%)

On top of your salary, you receive an 8% holiday payment. This is saved up and paid out once a year in May. If you quit this will be paid out after 8 weeks.

Holiday Reservation (10,8%)

For approximately every 10 hours you work you build up one hour as a holiday reservation.  

If you would like to receive your build-up holiday reservations you can send an email to support@goingabroad.nl to withdraw your balance together with your next payout moment.

Holiday Payment & Reservation balance can be found on your payslips in the AFAS pocket app.

Where can I find my signed contract and payslips?

Your signed contract and payslips can be found in the AFAS pocketapp. The app where you also signed your contract.

How does the tax reduction work in the Netherlands?
Tax credits are reductions in taxes. As a result, you have to pay less tax. If you work as an employee, your employer takes into account the general tax credit and the employment tax credit. We call these rebates the wage tax credit ‘Loonheffingkorting’. As a result, you pay less payroll tax and get paid more wages.
Do I get extra allowances? (Bike & Smartphone)
Yes, that’s correct! There is an allowance for using your smartphone and your own bike, as well as an allowance for being a mail deliverer. The allowance for the smartphone is €8.17 per month. The allowance for the bike is a maximum of €10.20 per month. Additionally, you will receive an allowance of €2.50 per month
Why is my contract only valid for 4 weeks?
Your contract will be extended at the end of every 4 weeks, with another 4 weeks. This will continue to be extended without you signing a new contract every 4 weeks until you stop working through us.

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