Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section for individuals planning to go abroad! We have compiled a list of common queries to provide you with helpful information. If you still have any unanswered questions after reading through this content, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moving To The Netherlands.

Where should I look for accommodation in The Netherlands?

Finding housing is hard at the moment, so start searching for accommodation as early as you can. Make use of all the sources you can. Some universities might have their own housing facilities. Social media groups can be utilised as well, especially Facebook groups. There are other platforms, but they often ask for a fee and do not guarantee success. More information can be found in our blog about housing

Does The University Help With Finding Accommodations?

Some universities might. However, it is not common. Get in contact with them as early as you can to see if they do.

Does The University Help With Finding Student Jobs?

Some universities provide a platform with Student jobs offered by companies in the area. Although the application process is usually done on your own.

Working In The Netherlands

Do you need to speak Dutch when working in The Netherlands?

That is not necessary. There are jobs in The Netherlands where candidates are welcome only speaking English. Our platforms provide an overview of English-speaking jobs.

Do I need a working permit to be able to work in The Netherlands?

As a European resident, you can work in The Netherlands freely. As a non-european student you require a permit.

Students in the Netherlands usually work around 16 – 24 hours a week. This is due to the fact that when applying for student finance you need to work 16 hours per week to receive the loan.

Do I need to live in The Netherlands before I can find a job?

As long as you have a BSN number, you can start working in The Netherlands. This number can only be applied for when you have arrived in The Netherlands. Take a look at our to-do’s to see what you should arrange after arrival.

What do Dutch interviewers like to see/hear?

Dutch interviewers like to see you arrive on time and show that you are motivated to do the job.

Do I need experience in a certain field to get a job in that field?

Experience is always a plus, it is not a requirement. Always apply for the job even if you think that you do not yet have the right skillset.. Always highlight the skills and experiences you do have.

Do I need Dutch health insurance to work in The Netherlands?

You should be covered by Dutch health insurance when working in the Netherlands. If not you risk getting fined by the government.

How many hours do students usually work per week?

Students in the Netherlands usually work around 16 – 24 hours a week. This is because when applying for student finance, you need to work 16 hours per week to receive the loan. 

How much is the expected student salary in The Netherlands?

The government in the Netherlands decides on the minimum wage. However, companies can augment this to suit their surroundings.

What should I put on my CV to get a student job as an international student?

Depending on the field, make sure to show your related experience. As well as, showing motivation and eagerness to learn.

Working in The Netherlands as a non-EU student

How can I work in The Netherlands as a non-EU student?

Working in the Netherlands as a non-EU student is possible. When applying for a job your employer can request a working permit for you. You either have the possibility to work 16 hours a week during the school year or you can choose to work 40 hours a week during the months of June, July and August.

Applying to Going Abroad

How will I be contacted after applying for a job through Going abroad?

Once you have found the job that suits you, you will be contacted via phone call by one of our recruiters. They will help establish exactly what you need to work in the Netherlands and depending on your profile, forward you to a job opportunity.

Does your service cost me any money?

No, our services are free of charge. 

What types of jobs do you offer?

We offer jobs that vary from hospitality, retail, logistics and customer service. 

Let us guide you.

If You Sign Up To Find A Student Job We Will Personally Guide You Throughout The Process Of Everything You Need To Do.​