How to finance your study in The Netherlands

How to finance your study in The Netherlands

You want to study in The Netherlands, but how are you going to finance your stay abroad? If you do not have the costs covered there are multiple ways to still be able to finance your stay in The Netherlands.

Studying in The Netherlands is not very expensive compared to other western European countries, the tuition fee, if you have a European passport is between 1050 – 2400 euros per year. If you are an international without a European nationality the fees lay between 6000 and 15000 euros per year.

1. Student Finance

The Dutch government has a fund set up for everyone studying in The Netherlands. If you want to be eligible for this fund you must make sure you have the same rights as a Dutch national. You will have to meet a few requirements before receiving any money, read more about student finance and how we can help you set it up here.

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2. Exchange program

The most affordable way for students that want to study in The Netherlands is often through an exchange program. You can check through your study in your home country if they offer exchange programs in The Netherlands. With an exchange, your home country (when in the EU) will often have financial support for you. This can be in the form of a loan a grant or tax benefits for your parents.

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3. Scholarship

How nice would it be if you did not have to pay your university, but they would like to have you onboard, therefore in some cases, universities and applied universities give out scholarships. Scholarships are often in a reward program; people usually have outstanding performances and are very dedicated to their study program. When awarded a scholarship, universities will require certain grades from their students to continue their scholarship program. Many countries also award scholarships based on their sports performance, this is not the case in The Netherlands, college and university sports are not a thing in The Netherlands.

4. Work

This might not come as a big surprise but working might not only be a way to pay for your studies but also further develop yourself in the work field, expand your social life and experience a countries culture from a different perspective. Working is a nice way to fully finance your life in The Netherlands or give you a nice extra income. The average student in The Netherlands works around 13 hours per week. The older they get the more they start working and the average moves to around 23 hours. A student in The Netherlands of the age of 19 makes around 3.200 euros a year. Students of the age of 24 years old make around 6.500 euros a year. Would you like to start working in The Netherlands, our team has vacancies selected for international students, you do not even have to speak Dutch, English is sufficient. Our vacancies are very easy to apply for and certified by us. We are in good contact with all of them. Where are you waiting for? Start working.


The most common way of financing your study in The Netherlands is through student finance, you can either get a grant and a loan on top of that. This option becomes available as soon as you have the same right as a Dutch national. An exchange through your study in your home country might be the easiest and cheapest. A scholarship is for those who can perform beyond average. Working can be the way to finance your study or make a nice extra, our team would recommend working alongside your study.

What is the most common way of financing a study in your home country? Let us know down in the comments.

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