How to find accommodation in the netherlands

finding accommodation in the netherlands

You are going abroad to live in Breda during your studies or you are already in Breda. This city has everything an International student is looking for. For international students who are already in Breda have experienced the beautiful Breda. Living in the Breda has also a downside and that is finding accommodation. Your first accommodation might be or have been arranged by your school. Usually, the second place to stay is the hardest to find. In this blog, we will explain how you could be more prepared for your first or next place to stay in Breda.

1. Location

You as an international student want to have your accommodation at a nice spot close to the city and also close to school. However, It’s not as easy as you might think, a great location also comes at a price. In Breda, there are a few students houses/buildings where many international students have their studio or room. Whenever you cant find the accommodation you might need to move to another city like Oosterhout, Tilburg. These cities are easy to reach by public transport. If you don’t have a card yet, Get yourself an OV-chipcard. Always check the location of the accommodation.

finding the right location for your accomodation
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how does your accommodation have to look like

2. What are your preferences? 

I want a couch, a desk, a 2-person bed, my own bathroom and kitchen. These are things everyone wants but very few accommodations have all these things in one room/studio. However, having these preferences is not a bad thing. It expands your view on the currently available accommodations. Most common accommodations have a room with a bed and a desk together with a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room.  You somethings still have to buy pans in order to cook for yourself. The rest is usually provided for you.

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3. Your budget for accomandation. 

Of course, accommodation comes at a price. Therefore, you need to be aware a place to live as a student cost on average €385,- in Breda. This is a high amount, but don’t stress. Going Abroad can provide you with work to finance your studies and your life outside university. Did you know there are many benefits to it when you work? Please check out our blog about the benefits of working as an international student in the Netherlands. When you don’t know if you want to work or don’t know where to, don’t hesitate to contact us via the WhatsApp icon or immediately find a vacancy that suits you! (vacancy list button)

planning your accommodation budget in the netherlands


We know it’s hard to find accommodation nowadays. With the high prices and low availability of the rooms. When looking for accommodation be aware of where it’s located, and if it’s outside the city of your university then make sure it’s near a station so you have easy access to public transport. The budget is of course very personal. Therefore, it’s totally up to you how much you set aside for your rent. Whenever you struggle to get around, there are many jobs in Breda where you can work which is nice to boost your CV and your income! These jobs can be found on our work page.

If you liked this blog, leave a comment and let us know: What were your struggles in finding accommodation? 

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  1. Most important is to start looking for a room on time, it is so hard to find proper accommodation, I was rejected for at least 15 times before finding a room.

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