Student jobs the hague

Student Jobs The Hague

student jobs the hague

A student job in The Hague
has many perks, like getting a DUO grant, gaining experience, social contacts. Luckily, The Hague is very big and beautiful. There are many things to see when you are new in the Hague. The pier at the beach and the inner court where the Dutch parliament meets are some of the unique places of The Hague. Next to these beautiful places, The Hague is a great city to find a student job. Curious about working in the Hague, the rest is explained down below.

Why The Hague?

The Hague comes from the Dutch word Den Haag, which is one of the big cities in the Netherlands. The Hague has a large beach where many travellers from the EU come to enjoy the beach and the beach restaurants and clubs, this gives a unique touch to The Hague. As mentioned, many tourists come to The Hague, this also brings many opportunities to get a student job at restaurants, hotels, retail stores. These companies are used to English-speaking customers. Therefore, it’s a perfect fit for internationals to get a student job in Den Haag.

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Student Jobs The Hague


Are you looking for a student job in The Hague, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to know more about what vacancies are open in The Hague? Browse our vacancies or send us a WhatsApp by clicking the button on this page. 

Universities in The Hague

Most international students who are studying in The Hague, are doing their study at these 8 universities. These universities are in and around The Hague.

Links to the schools:

work while studying the hague
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Earn Money in The Hague

Earning money is one of the factors to live in The Hague. You as an international student won’t get money for free. In order to do fun stuff and to explore Den Haag and the Netherlands, you will need to have a student job in The Hague. There are many places to earn money in a big city. For example, you could work as a waiter or waitress. Students have a lot to deal with in terms of payments. The rent for housing which needs to be paid, groceries in the Netherlands is not as cheap as in other countries. Keeping this in mind the expenses at the end of the month will be pretty high. Therefore, it’s important to work next to your study.

Gain Experience at a student job in the Hague.

Experience is key in every part of your student life and after that. The experience you gain during your side-job as a student will boost your CV. Employers love to see when an international student takes responsibility. Next to the CV boost, while you work you will learn the Dutch culture along the way. The Hague has a different culture than Rotterdam or Amsterdam for example. Culture, in general, is very interesting and to learn the ‘Haagse’ Culture will add to your experience. Taking responsibility is one of the elements of personal development. Doing a part-time student job requires risk-taking and an opportunity-seeking mindset.

Hospitality jobs in The Hague

The Hague has many student jobs in the hospitality branch think about hotels, restaurants, takeaways, and arcades. The Hague is a big city with many different types of hospitality locations. One of these is The Park in The Hague. This is a new concept that is located in the Netherlands and Belgium. As mentioned, Den Haag has the biggest beach in the Netherlands. This also means there are many Beach restaurants/clubs. One of them is INDIGO which has a nice colourful atmosphere, this place really makes you feel like you are on vacation while working! Hospitality has many benefits as well. You will have more social interactions, you will gain more connections through colleagues and customers, and you will also work on your personal development during your work. Not to forget, you will get discounts as well 😉

Delivery & kitchen jobs in The Hague

Kitchen and Delivery jobs in The Hague became very popular during the Corona pandemic. During the lockdown companies in The Hague became creative and started delivery. Some businesses are busier than ever before due to delivery. This creates many opportunities for international students in The Hague. Taco Mundo is a franchise organization with delivery services. They make great Mexican food. There are also job opportunities in the kitchen. Would you like to work in the kitchen, or would you like to explore the city on an e-bike or on a scooter? Click here for student jobs in The Hague



Are you excited to start working a student job in The Hague, but you are not sure how to find one. Let us help you out! You can either look at the job offers we have for you or click down below and we will contact you in a matter of days!

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