Student Life in nijmegen

studying in nijmegen

Student Life in Nijmegen

life of a student in nijmegen

Student life in a cosy town named Nijmegen.

Nijmegen is a student-friendly city with lots of new coming students from all around the world. Nijmegen is known for cycling and is also called the Cycling capital of the Netherlands in 2016. Of course, whenever you are in the Netherlands always be prepared for rain. But this does not take away the beauty of Nijmegen. You as a student can grab a cup of coffee always everywhere. A lovely place to get some coffee is First Things First, which is next to the ‘Waal’ river.

Expenses you have as a student in Nijmegen.

The highest cost you will probably have is the rent you must pay for your room. This is on average €340,- which is lower than the national average of the Netherlands. This is beneficial in order to either save the money or spend it on something you would like to buy. Food will be your second-highest expense. You will need to buy food this is around €250,- a month. To keep the cost low Lidl is the better option for you.

cost of living student in nijmegen


Part-Time international student work in Nijmegen. 

Student Jobs Nijmegen

Are you looking for a student job in Nijmegen, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to know more about what vacancies are open in Nijmegen for international students? Browse our vacancies or send us a WhatsApp by clicking the button on this page. 


Sightseeing as a student in Nijmegen.

There are many things to do in Nijmegen. As new coming students you must see and get to know the city. Nijmegen is many beautiful places, museums, and public sculptures where you can go to.

The Riverpark of Nijmegen – Perfect place to relax, walk, bike or when you are a runner, this is the place to be. You walk over the dike, which controls the water levels of the Waal River. In the summer the river can be used to sup (stand up paddling), canoeing, or a nice swim.

Bike museum Velorama – This museum is the only bike museum in the Netherlands. This museum goes back in time to some of the original bikes. Also, the bikes of the royal family are shown there and many more. It’s very interesting to go there as the Netherlands is the bike capital of the world. Therefore, it’s good to go to Velorama as you will learn some Dutch history as well.

The face of Nijmegen – through the eyes of the past, is what the sculpture is called. This Face is 6 meters high and 4.5 meters wide. This face functioned as face protection from a roman soldier 2000 years ago. The artist from Nijmegen Andreas Hetfeld made their own creation from face protection.

student life in nijmegen
life of a student in nijmegen

Sports in Nijmegen.

Sport as a student is very important, many students are not yet going to the gym or going for a walk. To make it easier for you to find a suitable gym we give you a list of gyms in Nijmegen. Han and Radboud have their own sports centre. Han has the sports centre SENECA this is about €209,- a year, which is only €17,42 a month. As mentioned Radboud has its own sports centre as well. Their sports centre is RSC which €123 per year.

Other gyms:

Fit For Free – Price €19,99

 Basic-Fit – €19,99

Big Gym  – €22,50

My Health Club – €14,95

And many more…

Working out or going for walks helps not only physically, but also mental health. Increasing your mental health gives your study a boost and it will open you up to more amazing things.

Nightlife in Nijmegen.

Partying is definitely something you will see all around the centre of Nijmegen. Students love to party till the morning. There are many pubs and clubs where you can go to. Cafe Samson,  in de blaauwe hand, Camelot, bascafe, Werf Bar & Diner, and Cafe Daen. Or are you into something with more dancing, than these are the places to check; Drie gezusters, NDRGRND and Malle Babbe cafe. The nightlife in Nijmegen gives you great opportunities to connect with people and other international students. Some people became lifetime friends, even though they live across the world. Therefore, nights out could also expand your network for now and in the future. So don’t stress and go out.


Now that you have read through this article about student life in Nijmegen, I can imagine you are excited to visit the city or even live there. Moreover, being a student also means living a healthy lifestyle, connecting with people, and also paying bills. These bills you have to pay are not cheap. But in order to pay them without stress, you might consider finding a part-time student job. Please read this article about all the benefits of working a part-time job in the Netherlands as an international student. To warm you up a bit, you can get extra money on top of your salary!! Are you excited to live and work in Nijmegen? (Leave a comment)

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