Step 2: bank account

Register for a dutch bank account.

The second step to follow is to create a bank account in a Dutch bank because not all the stores will accept a standard Mastercard or visa.

The process is not too hard. Firstly, you need to decide which bank you want. There are many, but the three main and most famous are ABN Amro, Rabobank, and ING. Each bank has its regulations and systems, but usually, because you are a student you will have a student account, free of charge. Usually, the documents needed are your BSN, proof of enrolment in your institution, and a document for identification

In the Netherlands, it is possible to start your account online, by filling in your info that will be then added to the system. You can also make an appointment or you might be called by the bank to sign the contract. The card and pin will be sent to you via mail.

Once you created a student account, you will be able to pay via Ideal. Ideal is a system of online payment possible with a Dutch bank account. It is used for everything in The Netherlands, which means that you do not need to fill in the card info anymore, but you can pay by scanning a QR code and inserting a password or with your phone security measures.

Checklist for this step.

Our recommended bank.

Through our own experience we would recommend ABN Ambro. They have a registration process that can be done in English. Start the process through the following button.

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