Step 6: phone number

Should I get a Dutch Phone number?

It is not always necessary to get a dutch phone number. It is dependable on if your phone plan works in The Netherlands. After a certain amount of time it might deactivate. Therefore we would always recommend to get a dutch phone number. 
There are multiple reasons to get a dutch phone number.
  • No unexpected costs at the end of the month.
  • Usually you also get better reception and faster internet when on a local phone provider. 
  • Your original phone number might deactivate when you have been away from your home region for a longer time. 
  • Your number is automatically more trustworthy when calling within The Netherlands. Getting calls from an unknown number outside of The Netherlands might be seen as a scamming attempt.

Checklist for this step.

What plan should you get?

Dependable on your needs you can either choose to go for for a calling/texting plan only. It is recommended tot take a Simonly plan. There are multiple providers offering phone plans in The Netherlands.

Our recommended providers for international students:

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