Step 1: Registration in The netherlands

Register for a BSN.

The very first step for anyone moving to the Netherlands for the first time to stay more than 4 months, is to do the registration at the municipality within 5 days of your arrival.

At the registration you will receive a BSN (Citizen Service Number), which is a personal number that will be valid for life, that will allow the government to register you into the database. Careful not to lose this number: you will only receive it once, and it will be requested for every formality in the Netherlands.

Checklist for this step.

Get a DigiD (Digital Identification)

Another way to identify yourself online for governmental matters, educational institutes or healthcare, is through DigiD.

To apply you simply need to follow the steps on the website, inserting your BSN, phone number, and e-mail address. Within a max of 3 days, you will receive a letter with a code to activate your DigiD, so remember your username and password.

There are different ways to easily log in.

·       SMS verification

·       Username and password

·       Identity card

·       DigiD App- highly suggested to access via QR code or with the security system of your device (ex. Touch/ face id)

Checklist for this step.

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