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It can be hard to find jobs in the Netherlands. Going Abroad offers you the best English speaking jobs without you having to look for them yourself.

(Going Abroad is a free platform for internationals in The Netherlands, we do not charge you any fee.) When sigining up, you will be contacted within 48 business hours.

What the perfect job offers

  • You are making extra money €€€€

    The life in The Netherlands is not cheap, therefore the financial benefits of working are of importance too.

  • You are meeting new people

    Your experience in The Netherlands will be most remembered by the people you meet.

  • You Are Gaining Experience

    Next to your study, it is important to keep on developing yourself, with the jobs we offer you will add nice experience to your resume.

  • Related Jobs

    We always do our best to find a job that is related to your interests.

  • Guaranteed working hours

    Would you like to work 10h per week or 40 hours. We make sure you will get the hours you want to make at one of our employers.

Meet Others Who Found Their Job Through Going Abroad.
Ali Abulgasem
Ali Abulgasem
Thanks to the exceptional support from [Going abroad], I was able to secure a job that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations and goals. I wholeheartedly recommend [Going abroad ]to anyone seeking professional assistance in their job search journey.
Jawahar Pranav
Jawahar Pranav
The procedure was damn swift and smooth! Apart from the very low number of opportunities for internationals, every other experience was nice!
Amy Mulder
Amy Mulder
Going Abroad is a great tool for international students who are looking for jobs to start at immediately. They provide a vast array of quality job opportunities for students with or without work experience, while giving a detailed description of the jobs to help you choose one that works specifically with your skill set and interest. Overall a very handy and effective service to have access to.
I had such a pleasant experience working with Going Aborad, they made sure that I find exactly what I am looking for.
Mathew Ruane
Mathew Ruane
Going Abroad helped me find a job as soon as they contacted me, which was surprising as I was struggling to do so! This service is very professional and helpful.
Alice Girling
Alice Girling
Isabel was great helping me find an English-speaking job in the Netherlands that suited my schedule, experience, and needs. She was communicative and accessible when needed, and friendly and professional at all times. Great service!
David Coppel
David Coppel
Extremely simple process and Gunnar called me basically as soon as I applied and quickly answered all questions I had correctly. Job was meh though.
Frederick Jacobsen
Frederick Jacobsen
Great! Very nice and responsive. Free of charge with best customer service.
ισμηνη καγκελαρη
ισμηνη καγκελαρη
Very kind and supportive.They show a lot of interest!!

Internationals employed



Frequently asked questions (fAQ)

With the information you provide during registration, we will search our network of 100+ employers for the job that suits you best.

On average, we find you a job that suits your needs within 2 working days. 

When you register, you do not need a CV yet, but when we have found a match for you, your potential new employer may want to see it. So it is always useful to have one!

If you do not have any work experience, we will look for a side job where you can gain that experience! As long as you are willing to learn and develop yourself, it will work out just fine.

You want to get an idea where you will end up, understandably. We have already helped hundreds of students to find a job, mainly in the following sectors: Retail, Hospitality, ICT, Sales, Recreation, Hotel and Logistics sectors.

Almost all of our part-time positions can also be filled on a full-time basis. So if you want to work full time during the summer and part time again after the summer, this is absolutely no problem. 

Our platform is free of charge. Make use of our expertise and network free of charge. 

We are able to find a match in 97% of the applications, we will always present these suggestions to you. 

Who are we?

Going Abroad is a free to use agency for internationals, we started because we saw a lot of internationals struggle with finding a job that is nice to do and where speaking English is not a problem.
Making Life Abroad In The Netherlands As Easy As Possible.
We aim to make a platform where an international does not feel the language barrier of The Netherlands and provide them with equal opportunities of these of a dutch national.
Going Abroad
find a job in the netherlands
A Free Platform For Internationals By Internationals.